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March 13th, 2005

seckzeeveeee @ 03:09 pm: dear bertha brown II
WeLL iit seems to me that you may have contracted a rare case of rabies.
but think of it this way , n0t many people get rabies anymore so i would embrace it . and as f0r the tires aim f0r the expensive (Michelin)

February 16th, 2005

__hellbent @ 06:38 pm: oh help me all-knowing one
dear veronica,

lately, i've been foaming at the mouth and i'm not sure why. i have also been barking at people and at every chance i get, i bite them too. i find myself chasing car's down the street whenever i see a nice pair of delicious goodyear tires. what has happened to me?

thank you for your help,
bertha brown II

June 15th, 2004

seckzeeveeee @ 01:47 pm: Stupid in Sin City
now the first thing that i think we need to talk about is the fact that shes fondeling her dog. Now that worries me a little.really tho, I think she fondles her dog to replace the lack of affection shes getting from her significant other, or just as a comic relief.some girls are weak but some girls want to be dominated some want the drama and some want pity. u need to choose ur solution according to her character. if you think shes doing it because she wants pity and drama then make it clear to her that you dont pity her because she puts her self in that situation but let her know you will always be there. if you think its because shes weak then take her out and show her that there are really good guys out ther nd possibly even more attractive then here whale wife beater boyfriend. if its just a " i want to feel dominated" Let her know that by doing that she is making herself emotionally inferior because it will get t0o the point where she will let her self believe he has a right to hit her.
als0 if she wont take any of your advice tell her to punch him in the face . if it gets worse take drastic measures u feel is necessary dont let it get to bad.


June 14th, 2004

shinkantaiko @ 11:53 pm: Dear Veronica,
I have a friend. She's dating this whale she calls her boyfriend. Not only dose he beat her, but I'm sure the sex is unsatisfying. (I REALLY mean whale.) What should I say to her, and how can I get her to take me seriously?
Stupid in Sin City

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